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Stefano Morri
Managing Partner - Lawyer Financial and Tax professional
He is a financial and tax professional and is graduated in both econo-
mics and law. He attended a specialized course of studies in interna-
tional taxation at the IFA in Amsterdam, and in advanced taxation law
at Bocconi University in Milan, as well as the specialized programs
for in-house counsel. He was assistant at the accountancy department
(dipartimento di ragioneria) of Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University.
He is the author of several articles in specialized business and tax jour-
nals, as well as serving on the research boards of some of the same.
After having obtained experience in corporate taxation management
for one of Italy's most important private groups, he became managing
partner of the Italian legal and tax affiliate of Deloitte Touche Tomatsu.
After having performed top quality national and international tax plan-
ning activity, he actually acts as lawyer specialized in real estate,
M&A, capital markets and restructuring. He sits as statutory auditor
and director in the Board of Directors of both Italian and foreign im-
portant companies.