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Administrative Law
provides assistance to its clients in the areas where the ad-
ministrative law is relevant for the economic initiatives.
In particular,
Morri Cornelli e Associati
provides support to its
clients in:
obtainment of all authorizations, licences, permits, compliance
, necessary for the construction and start-up of
industrial plants, including those relying on renewable sources
(cogeneration, eolic and photovoltaic plants), distribution net-
works, medium and big retails, trade parks and shopping cen-
ters, also assisting in the relationship with public administrations
and authorities;
aviation sector
, dealing with regulatory and licence aspects of
airport management, including the management of the relation-
ship with the competent authorities;
project financing
planning, housing and building sector
, including expropriation
procedures, for the obtainment of all authorizations, licences,
permits and compliance certifications, managing the relation
with the public administrations;
arrangement of all acts and documents necessary to tender
(call for tenders, letters of invitation, specifications), in the
incorporation of juridical structures (syndicates, temporary
enterprise associations, joint-ventures) aimed to tenders and
subsequent completion.