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Morri Cornelli e Associati
legal assistance
in Italy and
abroad to clients operating
in the energy sector
(such as specia-
lized funds and financial institutions).
In particular,
Morri Cornelli e Associati
assists its clients in the field
of energy law, with regard to all aspects of the gas and electricity
industries and renewable energy sources.
Morri Cornelli e Associati
handles clients’ relations with the
relevant regulatory authorities
in any phase and during the liti-
gation, if any.
Morri Cornelli e Associati
is able to assist its clients in the
struction process of power plants
(wind and photovoltaic power
stations, gas and LNG pipelines, hydroelectric and thermo electric
plants) providing advice to local, national and international ope-
rators in the power industry in each phase of the construction
process, including the plant management.
Morri Cornelli e Associati
assists its clients in the
regarding tenders for contracting out the power distri-
bution services, the import of energy, the running of LNG terminals
and the access to transport and distribution networks.